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Is it Possible to Create an online site Without Buying A domain name? The High Cost Of “Free”.

Is it Possible to Create an online site Without Buying A domain name? The High Cost Of “Free”.

Not long ago I received a contact from the visitor asking for him to create a website without buying a domain name if it was possible. This short article tries to respond to this, as well as on the method, attempts to simplify a misunderstanding about producing internet sites that always accompanies such a concern.

The Brief Response

The brief response to the real question is “yes”. However you should really see the long response. The devil is within the details.


Judging through the method my visitor asked issue, he most likely did therefore after reading the articles “just how to Create / Start a webpage” and perchance also “just how much Does It Cost to setup an internet site?”.

That you have some basic knowledge of what “domain names” and “web hosts” mean if you have not read those articles, you may want to at least read the Beginner’s Guide since this article assumes.

What Goes On If You Do Not Have A Website Name?

Some internet hosts, primarily free internet hosts, enable you to produce a web page even though you do not have a website name. Continue reading

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